how to boot/run freebsd >= 6 on my HP/Compaq V2000 laptop/notebook


FreeBSD 6 and 7 (or later) hangs when trying to boot my laptop. The probes for the non-exestant serial and parallel ports need to be disabled. Use the following procedure:

  • at boot (beastie) menu, select option 6 to go to boot loader prompt

  • at OK prompt, enter the following:

    OK set hint.sio.0.disabled=1
    OK set hint.sio.1.disabled=1
    OK set hint.sio.2.disabled=1
    OK set hint.sio.3.disabled=1
    OK set hint.ppc.0.disabled=1
    OK boot
  • done!

To make the changes automatic/permanent and eliminate the need to manually intervene in the boot process, enter the above hints in /boot/device.hints file without the "OK" prompt:

set hint.sio.0.disabled=1
set hint.sio.1.disabled=1
set hint.sio.2.disabled=1
set hint.sio.3.disabled=1
set hint.ppc.0.disabled=1

Search the file; some entries may already exist, and simply need to be changed.