freebsd 9 - help for unrecognized usb disks

noticed this behavior on fbsd 9, dunno whether it affects other versions…

some new usb sticks are buggy, only tested with ms windows timings. if freebsd doesn’t recognize a usb disk (usb stick), the following quirk may help.

get the usb unit and address of the device

plug in the device and do:

dmesg | egrep -A5 '^ugen|^umass' | tail

note the line that starts with ugen, e.g. ugen1.2

use the unit.addr obtained in the following usbconfig command:
usbconfig -d <unit.addr> add_quirk UQ_MSC_NO_INQUIRY
usbconfig -d 1.2 add_quirk UQ_MSC_NO_INQUIRY
unplug, then plug in the device, and do:
dmesg | tail

device should be recognized…