hbase troubleshooting

  • the master starts a web interface on port 60010

    • lists tables, blocksizes, etc.

    • regionservers with metrics are listed.

  • regionservers start a web interface on port 60030

    • lists online regions and keys, and metrics

  • zkcli - command line tool: hbase zkcli -server host:port <cmd> [arg[ arg…]]

    • commands are:

        connect host:port
        get path [watch]
        ls path [watch]
        set path data [version]
        delquota [-n|-b] path
        printwatches on|off
        create [-s] [-e] path data acl
        stat path [watch]
        ls2 path [watch]
        listquota path
        setAcl path acl
        getAcl path
        sync path
        redo cmdno
        addauth scheme auth
        delete path [version]
        setquota -n|-b val path
  • jps (from jdk)

    • run as root to see all java pid’s. e.g.:

        # jps
        1322 TaskTracker
        17789 HRegionServer
        27862 Child
        1158 DataNode
        25115 HQuorumPeer
        2950 Jps
        19750 ThriftServer
        18776 jmx
  • jstack (from jdk)

    • list threads of a process (get pid w/jps)

      jstack -F 1322