how to add a ringtone/notification sound

to add a new custom ringtone that can be applied to a particular contact, the file needs to be put on the SD card at: /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones

to add a custom sound to use as a notification for an email account, the file needs to reside at: /sdcard/notifications

after installing the file, the card must be unmounted, then mounted to force the file to be recognized by the system (apps?).

  • download file:

    • use a web browser, such as firefox:

      • download file

      • move from browser’s download folder to the correct destination (see above).

      • unmount and remount the sd card

  • use a usb cable to mount the disk on another host and copy/move the file to the correct destination (see above).

  • use an ftp app to copy the file to the sd card

  • whatever… just copy the file to the proper directory (see above).

  • unmount, then mount the sdcard

  • open the app (phone, email, etc.) and assign the file

  • test

  • enjoy!