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These programs were written by dave capella, and are offered for free, under the terms of this License. (Please read it.)

These programs are provided with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. Use them at your own risk. (Though I doubt that they could cause much damange if they did run amock.)

I cannot offer much support for these beyond answering mail when time permits. I will try to answer all questions received. Feedback is also greatly appreciated.

generic cgi form handler for multiple virtual hosts

form handler

This generic CGI form handler is written in python and designed to make a sysadm's life easier when dealing with multiple vhosts. Once installed, each user can create new forms completely without requiring administrator's intervention. Designed with security in mind.

try new firewall rules remotely


This is a short shell script that I use when I must edit my firewall rules remotely (the /etc/pf.conf file on OpenBSD systems). The source is well commented, or run it without args for usage info.

system checks for the nefu system monitor

for more information, see: this page

download here: hostchecks

Inventory a Un*x System


A Bourne shell script to collect information about a host's hardware, software, and OS. Only tested on GNU/Linux (>=2.2) and OpenBSD (>=3.5). Designed to be used in the event of a system crash or when upgrading from scratch to restore the system. Includes information about the cpu's, disks, running processes, configured services, installed packages, network configuration, security configuration, and more.

Uses only standard system tools, so just drop it in root's path, chmod 755, and run. Output goes to the screen, so best used with tee to save. ssh -l root somehost or su root, then:

cd /usr/local/sbin
wget http://grox.net/software/mine/gethostinfo
less gethostinfo   # you are going to check the code, right?
chmod 755 gethostinfo
gethostinfo | tee /tmp/gethostinfo.out
less /tmp/gethostinfo.out

Home Automation for Un*x

relays, heat, tkheat, tstatd
Some programs I wrote to control external devices via relays connected to my bsd or gnu/linux box.

Radio Transmitter Remote Control

I wrote this for a community radio station so we could switch between program sources via a wireless internet link to a computer controlling the transmitter.

iPAQ Programs

Stuff I've written for the Compaq iPAQ may be found here.

python Programs

Programming for the iPAQ gave me an opportunity to finally give python a go in earnest. These are the result.

GUI search tool for the Cornell University LDAP directory.

tcl/Tk Programs

These programs run as-is under un*x (tested on Slackware linux and FreeBSD) and, where noted, under the wish shell on M$ windows. The Windows .exe's have simply been dropped on the excellent tool, freeWrap, to convert them. One of these days, I'll get around to testing them on my Mac...

GUI front end to the smbclient messaging client. Same functionality on linux as the Hi There! program below for windows.
Egg Timer
Simple timer the pops up a window with a message, and optionally, runs a program once the count down timer expires.
Tip Calculator
How much should you give the delivery guy?
If you have the Tcl plug-in, you can try the program right in the web page.

Win32 Programs

Check IP settings, release and renew DHCP leases from a GUI interface. Tested on NT4, W2K.
GUI front-end to the CLI NET SEND command.
Windows 98/NT/2000 Network Utilities
GUI front-end to various network tools.
Text File Converters
MacToWin - Macintosh to Windows
WinToMac - Windows to Macintosh
List all the apps on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 box.
dump all network settings on a windows box.

bkmkdb - Netscape bookmarks to mysql database

Converts large, deeply nested netscape bookmark files to a sql database with a web interface for quick searches and navigating the hierarchy of categories. It is being used on this site for my bookmarks.

doform - perl cgi script

Generic interface to process www forms. Saves form submissions to a csv text database file, and emails the webmaster.

domail - perl cgi script

Generic interface to process www forms. Sends form submission contents as email. Simple to configure. Several anti-spam features.

perl cgi library

Generic interface to process www forms. Generates html (web pages), email messages, and csv text database files based on user input.

Converts the system rgb.txt (for those systems that run X windows) to a html table. It's used for this page.

awstats virtual host installation tool

This is an excellent web server statistics tool. It is pretty easy to set up, but I had several virtual hosts to do. This tool reduced the time required from about 20 minutes per host to about 3 seconds each.


Backup Reminder
will remind you not to turn off your machine on a given day each week. I wrote it for those folks who get their files backed up every Thursday (or Monday, or whatever). System 7.5+ only.- sorry.
Eudora Folder Converter Temporarily Unavailable
Convert a Macintosh Eudora folder for use under windoze.

Windows 3.1 Programs

My windoze programs:
Eggtimer, Phone Dialer, Duct Calculator, Ohm's Law Calculator, and more. 18 free programs; written for win3.1, most still run under win95. Many obviated by new functionality in the OS's.


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