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VT Animations

Back in the days of VT-100 terminals connected to a central VAX, very inventive people found a way to create small 'movies' on their terminals. If you are lucky enough to be running a UN*X computer, or a version of M$-DOS that understands all the 'standard' ANSI escapes, you can view these. Some are really quite novel.

These have been collected from BBS's (electronic bulletin boards), usenet newsgroups, and arcane file stores from the 'net. Unfortunately, some have no attribution, so the original artist's name is lost. If you recognize one of these, I'd appreciate it if you would pass on the author's name.


  1. These don't look like much of anything in a web browser.
  2. These work best in a truly vt-compatible terminal. linux users should find that they work pretty well - especially in an xterm.
  3. You will probably need to right-click, shift-click, or whatever to tell your browser that you want to download, not view the files.
  4. The files listed beneath Risque and beyond... contain adult content. Do not view them unless you are not offended by such stuff. Consider yourself warned.
  5. These things were designed to run over 9600 baud serial lines many, many years ago. They go way too fast on modern computers. I have written a program to slow them down so that they don't just fly by in an instant. See this link to grab a copy, the C source file, or a short python script.

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Risque and beyond...

don't look if you're offended by adult content


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