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Note: While the vast majority of this material is suitable for the consumption of children, some of it is not.
Potentially offensive material present: Sex, nudity, and adult language.
If such things offend you, please DO NOT view these pages.

Here's my collection; culled from years of email and newsgroup postings. This collection has been haphazardly assembled and moved from machine to machine; from unix to mac to windows to unix, etc.

Here it sat for many years until Allen Day copied the data files and started building another interface. Have a look, it's at http://www.theprawn.com/quotes/. He's pulled it into a database, so one can do some more complex searches. Special thanks to Allen for getting me to finally finish something I started half a dozen years ago.

If you know part of a quote, type in what you know (shorter the better). Or, if you're looking for quotes on a particular topic, try searching by category.

Peruse, add to email, whatever... hope they're useful or entertaining for you, too.


Search by category (love, money, government), or by the text of a quote ("by any other name", "give me liberty").
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