Legal Forms - (boilerplates)

I found these on-line back around '93. I think the person that I got these from says it best:
Enclosed are a number of legal forms (boilerplate, if you will).
They all date from 1986 or 1987, and were first found in the archive
LEGAL.ZIP from FEDERAL BBS, Fayetteville NC.

Disclaimer:  I have NO idea as to the legal soundness or validity
of ANY of these forms, and disavow ANY legal or moral responsibility
as to their value or appropriateness for ANY use whatsoever.

All I did was:
1 - Remove some imbedded control characters from some of the forms
    (leftovers from some weird word processor?)
2 - Trim trailing spaces from lines.
3 - Trim trailing Control-Z's (again, somebody's word processor)
4 - Make a catalog, sorted by Form number and alphabetically by subject.

David Kirschbaum
Toad Hall (Internet/ARPAnet)
DBSG95A (Prodigy)

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