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Here are some things I've written for my new iPAQ

Some are marginally useful, but they've come in handy for me on occasion.

tkRolo Cross-platform addressbook written in tcl/Tk. Uses a tab-delimited, flat file for easy import and export.
tkpwdb Cross-platform, password manager written in tcl/Tk.
tkShop Cross-platform, grocery list manager written in tcl/Tk.
tkToDo Utility to keep track of one's Round Toit's. Written in tcl/Tk.
Local WWW Site When first trying to get to know my way around the new system, and get everything working, I was having a devil of a time trying to do much in a terminal window. I built this simple web site with a simple cgi script to help with the simple tasks. simple, eh?
pymemos The memorec program is a wonderful way to record voice memos. I couldn't find an easy way to find the files and play 'em back, tho'. This is a small program that provides easy access to the recordings.
pycal I'm always needing to glance at a calendar for some reason. I hate to wait for programs to load, and I don't necessarily need a full-blown PIM running, I may just need to know what day the 14th will fall on. This app fulfills that need. Only a few short lines of python, and it'll run anywhere python's installed.
cli.srv I was having trouble with ftp and scp to/from the skiff cluster. I needed to get some files I'd compiled back to my my machine, so wrote this simple client/server pair in python.
enc It occurred to me that folks keep asking how to change passwords on the iPAQ, and the only answer I've seen (might've missed others) was to use perl. Well, perl isn't installed by default, and a rather large package, if you do want to install it. So, I wrote this tiny wrapper around the crypt function in C.
pypwd One of the main reasons I need a PDA is so that I always have my passwords with me. As network administrator, I have dozens. I wrote this small database app to allow me to share passwords with my iPAQ, desktop gnu/linux box, and with my business manager (for backup) on windows 2000.
Xmonobut This is mallum's (Matthew Allum) great mouse utility that simulates the 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons by pressing a key. I fixed a small bug, changed the key codes for the iPAQ, and added the ability to select different keys.
kismet When I got my Cisco Aironet 350 and upgraded to Familiar 5.3, I had a heck of a time getting Kismet 2.4 to run. These are my notes in case I need to do it again.

I got wavemon to work on my iPaq, and uploaded to the .5 (.6) distribution of Familiar. I'm not sure they're part of the distro anymore, and someone asked about it the other day, so here are links to the two versions that I built. There was a problem with libncurses.5.so, and it's been a couple of years, so I don't recall the particulars...



WinCE files saved from my 3835 before the linux transformation

I haven't tried a restoration with these, but others have had good luck with them.
asset_image.gz 520 bytes 54fa6edce32420e5d790cee31529e196
saved_bootldr.bin 256kb c78fe7d02c5799c3346addcfe71be5cd
wince_image.gz 13.5mb edefad4d3d1b9f3a17970cb675ff5fe2



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