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Back in the days when computer access meant time-sharing on a teletype, there were no fancy windows or graphics. People got tired of staring at text all the time, so a few enterprising souls began to create art out of text.

Here's my collection; culled from years of email and newsgroup postings. Most were found back 1990 to 1994. This collection has been haphazardly assembled and moved from machine to machine; from unix to mac to windows to unix, etc.


Potentially offensive material present:
Sex, nudity, and adult language.
If such things offend you, please DO NOT view these pages.

Many of the attributions are lost. I apologize; both to you, the viewer, and to the authors. This collection was originally assembled for my own private consumption, and time constraints, laziness, and lack of tools all contributed to its present state. If you recognize any art without an attribution, and you know who the author is, please let me know!

The images display correctly on web browsers such as Netscape, but if pasted into another document, may look horrible. They are/were designed for viewing with a fixed, non-proportional font (such as Courier on MS windoze, Monaco on Mac, or fixed in X).

The collection has been indexed for rapid searching, but it returns some surprising results, sometimes. Notably, there are a couple of files containing collections of various subjects. These will turn up in many searches.

Peruse, add to email, whatever... hope they're useful or entertaining for you, too.

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