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Security: selected readings for paranoid sysadmins

wow, this is old... not even sure how much is even relevant, anymore. o well, may be useful for historical perspectives. and, i need a place to dump new info. like, industrial security issues, for instance. can sometimes be a problem with the web- some stuff persists tho' it prob'ly shouldn't. (5/13/2012)
some industrial security papers
1. There are no downloadable programs on this page. This documentation has been collected solely for the system administrators' reference. I would recommend a search on Alta Vista for any programs you find interesting. I doubt that I will make them available from the ftp site.
2. This information may appear to be unduly biased against NT. This is only because un*x vulnerabilities have been around so long that they have been well documented, and many tools exist to help secure un*x systems. NT is, as yet, still revealing all its flaws, and the tools are still developing.
This collection resulted from a weekend search for NT, network, and server security information as it related to tightening up a new NT domain and its Linux cousins.
A list of Sun security resources is available in another document.

  • Internet Security Working draft by Richard Pethia
    (Written in Oct 1990, but still valid today.)
  • CERT Advisory about ISS (the Internet Security Scanner)
  • Packets Found on the Internet by Steven Bellovin postscript and pdf formats
  • Horses and Barn Doors in postscript and pdf formats
  • I Only Replaced index.html - The admin's side of cracking
  • Microsoft White Paper: Single Sign-On in Windows 2000 Networks in html and Word formats

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Source Code, Tutorials, and Warnings

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unix & network

Windows NT

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NT Security Tools
  • NAT.EXE - NetBios Security Auditing Tool. From the folks at the Samba project
  • dumpfs.exe - locate alternate data streams in NTFS files
  • fatalerr.exe - trojan password prompt. See how gullible (uninformed) your users are.
  • grant.exe - grant or revoke user priveleges from the command line. not sure whether this is a tool or a potential exploit...
  • grp.exe - list local and global groups
  • ipccrack.exe - exploit (or find a vulnerability, if you wear the white hat) an accessible IPC$ share
  • logger.exe - send system events to a syslog daemon running on a remote host
  • nc.exe - netcat *hobbit*'s network hacking tool. Ported to NT by Weld Pond. lots and lots of uses- for offense and defense. here's the original (much longer) write-up by *hobbit*
  • Nessus - security scanner (links to nessus.org)
  • NTinfoScan - just how much info is your NT box giving out to anonymous users?
  • NTlast - limited, but similar to the un*x command
  • NTsyslog - log to a central monitoring host
  • passwd utility allows the user to change his/her password on either the local system, or the Domain Controller. Administrators may change anyone's password.
  • Port Dumper is written to be a port listener with a function of sending back data to the connected box
  • Porter is an internet utility to scan a host for ports open for public connection or a range of IPs for connections. It can be used to find servers not listed with InterNIC or just to scan a host for the services it provides.
  • pwgen - Generate (hopefully) pronounceable random passwords. These can often be remembered more easily than completely random passwords, and are immune to dictionary searches, etc.
  • SendFile is a 32 bit console application for sending ASCII text files via SMTP. (handy for mailing alerts to the admin.)
  • systime - displays the current time, the elapsed time and the system start time for the local system. (so you know that someone didn't reboot the machine from floppy, for instance...)
  • Test for Guest tests for an enabled guest account with no password set on it, on a number of (NT or Linux) machines in a given range of IP addresses.
  • Ultrascan - scan every host in a Class C subnet for any number of ports. You may also scan every host in that range on a particular port.
  • unsecure - brute force password attacker
  • The upriv utility allows the addition or removal of privileges from user accounts.
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