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Why are we giving it away?

We have been using thin-client systems at ORL for several years and have found them very useful.  We hope that there might be others out there who will find VNC useful, port it, find any bugs in it, and give us feedback.

When we made our high-performance CORBA implementation, omniORB, available recently, it was exceedingly popular and so we are releasing VNC on the same terms and conditions: those of the GNU General Public Licence.

We believe that systems based on stateless endpoints have many advantages, particularly for users who frequently move about within one building or the local area, because of the seamless mobility which comes from maintaining all the state at the server.   And with our Java client, these mobile workers can access their email etc from anywhere in the world. But VNC is also useful for the enthusiast at home who has a Windows and a Linux machine but only one monitor.

The initial release contains this documentation, binaries for several platforms, and full source code.  It is distributed in the hope that it may be useful but without any warranty, explicit or implied.


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